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Marketing Services
Our Marketing Services consist of: an Affiliate Program and Toolkit, Articles, Google and Facebook Business Page, eMail Marketing, Lead Generation, Press Releases, PPC Management, Sales Letters, Reviews, Squeeze Pages, Web site Design


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Real Estate

We find Commercial Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings and Senior Living facilities for Real Estate Investors…

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Learn how to start a Business, do Mobile Marketing, commercial or residential real estate through our Real Estate Course and everything there is to know about the Internet and Marketing… 

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Advertise, Apparel, Books, Computers, eBooks, eLearning Courses, Electronics, Free Gift Cards, Gifts, Home Garden, Marketing Services, Memberships,  Software, Sports…

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Your site needs long term leverage from SEO link building.
The big problem with paid search is it’s getting harder and more expensive. You have to be sure you’re getting a good ROI and that you’re making more than you’re spending.


As more competition comes on the scene your margins decrease as you have to spend more on business advertising to keep your paid rankings. You are not building a long term asset. But when you’re in the organic world, things are different…All the links to your site and web 2.0 properties start to age and get stronger.

What Is Link Building?

In a nutshell, link building is getting links to your site to appear on someone else’s site. If done correctly, link building allows you to drive tremendous amounts of traffic to your site as well as lets your site rank high in the organic search results.
* Quantity – It’s all about getting your keyword (s) on a site that is in a similar niche as yours.
* Quality – One should not just go out and drop his/her keywords on just any site (s) he finds. Serious consideration should be given to the site reputation. Is the site a trusted site? Is it considered an authority in the subject matter? Does it have another reputable site linking to it?
* Relevance – This goes hand in hand with “quality”. Is the link relevant to the site it is placed on? Is it helpful to the visitors of the site?
* Anchor Text – Your keyword (s) are critical to help your site rank well.
* Are the site (s) that link to you in the same niche as you are? In other words, is your site related to the site that you are linking to?
* Are the site (s) that link to your site also linked to by others in the same niche?
* Do you have “authorities” or experts in your subject area linking to your site?
* Are all your site (s) pages optimized for relevant keyword phrases and are they properly linked to each other?


Marketing services for your site means developing a marketing plan that will include mailing, public relations, affiliate marketing, business technology, business systems, crm, social marketing and web 2.0.  We create a marketing strategy that centers around product marketing and marketing communications that will earn money for your business.  A business strategy that we use is adwords because although we, as an seo company, use natural search engine optimization and link building it does take time and a lot of effort to get traffic to your site. Your business advertising should include an integrated system which centers around building an email list. Lead generation is what results in sales.

We also have a banner exchange program.  We will add your banner text link ads to our site and allow you to display banner text link ads on your site and any other site (s).
Learning should be a life-long commitment. Through our elearning and elearning courses you have access to up-to-date information 24/7. But not only that our elearning training provides support to your team that is helping you grow your business. And if you don’t have a team yet our elearning websites incorporate online elearning on subjects that every person no matter where they are in this world can use.
Have you ever bought a Real Estate Course and still you were not able to proceed? This will not happen with our Real Estate Course as it covers everything you need to know about residential as well as commercial real estate. It will give you a free online mls and give you access to everything you need to know about residential and commercial real estate. You have 24/7 online access and we provide you with all the real estate contracts for both residential and commercial real estate investments.
Our online catalog consists of a home and garden catalog, horse catalog, clothing catalog, improvements catalog, book catalog, gift catalog and many other types of catalog. We search for items that we know people will find useful and add to the inventory on a monthly basis. The catalog also includes business advertising of our clients products, services and real estate so if you want more sales let us help you.


Both you and your competitor may be offering the same products and services on your site, and you’re probably both employing the same business models, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the same in all aspects of your business.We have a lot to offer. Take your time to review everything.

Thank you for coming to our site. We hope that you find something of interest.


How To Build A Responsive List On Autopilot

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* If you’ve spent any time trying to build an online business, there’s probably one thing that you’ve struggled with more than anything else… TRAFFIC.

* So how do you keep your business supplied with a constant stream of high-quality leads?      

* We do all the marketing work for you to create lead generation and sales.

* You can learn how to do this too by becoming our affiliate or joining our online eLearning courses. 

* These strategies are part of our step-by-step course which sells for $47 per month. You can buy it HERE or sign up for free to the right and let us give you some of our tips.  
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“The Results Have Been Incredible …I Had My First Visitors The Very Next Day…This is the REAL solution to the need for a targeted list. Step by step, not only what to do but also why, how and in what order. I haven’t seen anything like this, anywhere.  Thank you.” Unedited email from Sam on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011 08:14:46
There was so much valuable information in your eLearning courses and the Affiliate Members site and it is done in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow. This is a must have for newbies to quickly get up and running on the web; and for veterans as a quick reference and reminder to get instant traffic when needed. Thanks alot. Unedited email from Terry on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010 09:24:47

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