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A Platinum Member of has the review of their product or service placed within a niche blog on 50 different sites each month. Our blogs are built on different WordPress themes, which you can Buy Online We change pictures and colors based on your product or service.

This is an example of how it will look:

Reviews help create more frequent customers, is a premium destination for selling your products, services, and real estate. The company has always prided itself on product innovation, quality, and performance, and that spirit flows all the way to its innovative e-commerce site.

The company launched Reviews and has seen steadily high review volumes. While using real customer word of mouth in our email campaigns and online, giving our customers’ voices starring roles in our online marketing.

Analysis shows that these passionate customers appreciate having their voices heard, as customers who became reviewers now purchase even more. Potential customers also want to know whether they should buy a product or service and often times they will conduct a search for a review site to see whether others have purchased the product or service and what they like or dislike about the product or service before they buy it. 

Reviewers purchase more after writing reviews

Reviewers also purchase more frequently. We studied customers before and after reviews are launched. We found that once existing customers became reviewers, they purchased 7% more often than they did before reviews were launched. Existing customers who never wrote reviews remained consistent in their purchasing habits. More customers decided to buy as the reviews appear on multiple review sites each month. Our studies show that it drives 22% increase in online sales.

  • For products and services with one review, there was an 18.26% increase in browse-to-buy conversion.
  • For products with at least two reviews our clients saw a 22% increase in product browse-to-buy conversion (orders/visits).


While other case studies have shown that customer reviews help drive conversion, search results, and lower return rates, it is interesting to note that reviews actually impact existing customer behaviors. This finding supports research by market research firm Keller Fay Group of  online reviewers, which found that more than 70% of reviewers want to help companies improve the products they build and carry.

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The Wellness Company Team

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FREE Blueprint Reveals Our Mission Statement: “To Enhance The Lives Of Those We Touch By Helping People Reach Their Goals.” TM

Here’s what you’ll discover:          

  • A Step-By-Step Blueprint that you can do part time or full time which will produce residual income that is willable, will last a lifetime and is something anyone can do. This wellness company has been in business since 1985 and produces natural products (no chemicals)  that everyone consumes daily.  It is an Inc 500 award winning manufacturing company which has produced over 350 products.  These products compare in price to Costco, Publix, and Sam’s  Club. To enroll as a member is $29-1 time-and you get 30 - 40% price discounts for products such as laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, skin care products, vitamins, energy bars…many of which are patented, created and recommended by Doctors. You will see testimonials from people who have used a variety of other name brand products for different ailments where nothing worked. Then they tried our products and they got results. They have a track record of real success stories from real people. People really love these products! Preferred customers buy month after month, year after year some for more than 25 years to date. And you get paid every time your customers shop through the company website. 
  • You are not working alone. Our success is built on how many others we can help succeed. This is NOT MLM, not a binary or anything like that. This wellness company has paid out over $3.6 billion dollars in commissions. They are debt free! It’s NOT: Amway, Herbalife or Shaklee. The company takes care of shipping and provides all customers with videos, CDs and all product information.  
  • You get $100. free Loyalty Dollars when you watch videos about the products. Use them to buy products in your 2nd. month of membership.Then every time you buy you will get 10% more Loyalty Dollars to spend. You will also save up to 15% and get cash back from over 650 other well known retailers.  








  • Our Team will give you hundreds of ways to find customers, we give you free software, resources, videos and audios.
  • Just buy $50 per month (35 points) of products that you buy anyway and you get cash back. 
  • All you have to do is try the products. Every preferred customer gets the same 30 – 40% discount. The only difference is, unlike Costco, you are going to be paid when you share this with others. The membership is only $29 and sometimes a special is given for $1.  You will have to enter your name and email address above to find out how others are making over $1 million dollars per year and more! Our company has put together a very lucrative compensation structure to ensure you are paid as much as possible up-front, while still maintaining extremely healthy long-term residual income which you can retire on.  

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