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The Master Plan is built on three foundations: an Internet business, interactive marketing, and multiple businesses, products and services. We will spend time explaining different online marketing strategies because that is what an Internet business is all about.

The Master Plan is created as an online elearning course and in such a way that you can simply insert your own personalized strategy, and delegate it to a trusted, trained virtual assistant or to us if you become a Platinum Member.

After joining you will be given a username and password and be able to unlock all the links in the right column on this page and start using the system immediately.

No other business tool can put the products you sell in front of so many people so easily. We‘re talking about a potential market of 340 million people around the world who can buy your products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The only rival is Mobile Marketing.

This collection of audios, videos, software, internet marketing toolsemail marketing, article marketing, affiliate marketing strategies and how to tutorials are essential for running an internet business and has taken years to compile.  Marketing online means finding ways to use marketing automation.   It means making a marketing video,  doing search engine marketing; website marketing, product marketing, interactive marketing and finding marketing partners or a marketing consultant to help you An Internet business has many pieces and here you have all the pieces available to you in 1 easy to use place.

Marketing 2.0 means brand marketing, social media marketing, learning to use marketing software, and creating a marketing network.

What that means is that some of these resources you will need to use regardless of what comes next and others you will need to learn to use as they become available.  We will continue to add each day new resources, products and software to keep you up-to-date.  

We are giving away 10 eLearning courses. The 10 winners will be 10 people who refer 10 other people (or more). This can be done through Facebook comments, Twitter, email, video, articles, as an affiliate, etc.  We will be giving you software, resources, videos and ebooks so please leave a comment as to why you believe that you should win. Are you wanting to make money or to start a business? The memberships are $97. per month which you would be getting for free. 

1)  Internet Business Learn everything there is to know about an internet business and marketing…

2)  Mobile marketing Get access to over 5 billion cell phone users worldwide…

3)  Real Estate Course Commercial and Residential. If you are an Investor we want to hear from you…

4)  Business Course  List of funding sources, assett management, publicity contacts, business plans and everything you need to make your business a success.

5)  Make Money Multiple streams of income on the internet and offline…

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